Who am I?

I'm Caitlin, and I occupy the small good things kitchen with my delightful husband and my ever-hopeful-for-a-treat dog, Stanley.  

I grew up in the kitchen with my mother, affectionately known as the muffin mom, who has never truly made something without some substitutions. I like to think I get my creativity and adventurous cooking spirit from her. After years of my kitchen being a tasty baked-goods-only zone, I've started to branch out and explore some other flavors. 

Don't worry though, you'll still find a good supply of delicious treat recipes as well as other more savory kitchen adventures.

Why Small Good Things Kitchen?

The small good things kitchen blog started as a way for me to learn some new skills at a time when my work was full of busy but not of interest. The name comes from the Raymond Carver short story "A Small Good Thing." Far too much goes into the story to possibly summarize here, but in the end, the baker shares a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls with a grieving family and tells them eating is a small, good thing in a time like this.

The more life throws at me and those I love, the more I love the story and the way  a batch of delicious rolls can bring people together to share life.